Designed by veterinarians. For vets, pets and pet parents alike.

Working closely with veterinarian’s, vet techs, pet care professionals, researchers and pet parents, we provide access to testing for all kinds of pets. And, results that are shareable with your veterinarian.

Our Lab

Welcome to MySimplePetLab, your source for the highest quality pet care testing and results. Test accuracy matters, which is why we use only the highest quality equipment, process and experts. Our lab meets or exceeds professional lab results and in a one stop shop for trusted, dependable and accurate pet care testing.

Data & Results

Our comprehensive pet care test results are simple and accessible allowing you to test at home and or in clinic and receive results via email within days.

We offer 24/7 online results dashboard that you can access from any device. Your dashboard organizes your pet’s vet accepted test results and guides you on next steps.

You can choose to share your pet’s report with your local or virtual vet for pet-specific advice.

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