Our Story

  • MySimplePetLab was founded by veterinarians. We are proud to have the right expertise at all levels of our business; in medicine and at our state-of-the-art reference and research laboratory.

Pet Parent Focused, We Keep It Simple

Pet Parent Focused, We Keep It Simple

We empower vet care professionals, pet care providers, and pet parents with the ability to take charge of their pet's health, where, when, and how it works best. Our pet care products and tech automation are simple to use, fast, and reliable.

  • Leadership

    First To Market Leaders in Pet Wellness, Made Simple.

  • Authenticity

    Create the best pet care products and solutions - that rest on reliability, speed and simplicity.

  • Automation

    Automate pet care - when and where possible.

  • Modern Pet Care

    We thrive on developing new ways to make pet wellness simple from home.

  • Our mission is to make vet approved pet wellness from home simple and accessible for all. Simple isn’t easy. Our pet care products and tech automation are simple to use, fast, and reliable. We provide on-the-go results and relief when you and your pet need them most.

New Pet Wellness Solutions By Vets, For Pets.

By Vets, For Pets. At MySimplePetLab, we deliver pet care solutions that deliver simple and effective ways to keep your pet healthy and happy, from routine pet wellness tests to vet approved OTC products. We believe all vets, pet parents and pets deserve better access to care.

  • 100% Recommend!

    “I love the convenience of being able to check stool, for example, without going to the vet. I also find that the results are much more transparent. I have gotten positive results and I can see what they saw under the microscope.”

    cat dog
  • Big Relief!

    “Raw fed pets like Snowball need extra fecal screening due to the added risk for pathogens. Luckily, MySimplePetLab makes it easy to test from home. The results are shared via the pet parent dashboard and can be automatically shared with your vet.”

    cat dog
  • Everything Your Need

    “The instructions were clear. They provided everything in the kit and we were able to get the test done fast. The Skin & Itch Test was a lifesaver as she isn’t too great at the vet so I was excited to do this from home.”

    cat dog
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