Ear Infection Dog Test

Simple, Accurate & Fast Ear Cytology.

  • Screens for Ear Mites, Yeast and Bacteria​
  • One Kit Screens Both Left & Right Ears
  • Use for Smelly, Itchy, or Sore Ears
  • Use When You See Signs of Infection and Post Treatment
  • Results Within ONE DAY of Lab Arrival
  • Results Shared via Email
  • Share Results with Your Vet​
  • FREE U.S. Shipping Both Ways
  • FREE Priority (2-3 day) Return

How It Works


Online with Test Code


Samples in Swab Tubes


From Home for Results


Sent Directly to Your Device

What’s Included

Your kit will include the following:

  • Instruction Bifold with Activation Code
  • Rubber Gloves for Collection
  • Two Swab Packets (One for Each Ear)
  • Biohazard Bag for Sample Submission
  • Return Envelope to Send Samples to Our Lab

What We Test For




White Blood Cells

Red Blood Cells

Skin Cells

Why You Should Test

  • Early Detection for Faster Pet Relief 
  • Easy Swab Collection is Low Stress for Most Pets
  • Saves Time at Exam When Ear Test is Done Beforehand
  • Helps Your Vet Make Better Treatment Choices
  • Use After Treatment to Check Success

Signs You Should Test

Scratching Ear / Head / Neck

Head Shaking

Rubbing Head / Ears

Red / Moist / Swollen Ears

Smelly Ears

Ear Discharge

Scabby Ear Flaps

Ear Irritation

Hearing Loss

Sensitive Ears

Coming Soon!

Yearly Exam
Dog Stool & Urine Test

Dog Urine Test

Stress & Anxiety
Dog Test

What Customers Are Saying


Comprehensive Test

“Excellent product! Kit contains every single thing needed to package and mail the sample, and results are processed quickly. The test covers several types of parasites, and the results are delivered promptly.”


Super Quick Results

“I loved everything about this at home test. It was delivered to my door. It had everything I needed to collect the sample. And I never had to leave my home to mail it back! Results came super quick and we easy to understand. Highly recommend.”


Easy To Use

“I love how easy and simple it is to use this at-home test stool. I used to make this test with my veterinarian but it was way more complicated. It is a simple way to go to make sure your pet and family is healthy and safe.”