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Diarrhea Care Dog Kit

Use for Fast Diarrhea Relief

Diarrhea Care Dog Kit

Stay on top of your pet’s digestive issues. Use at first sign of diarrhea and tummy troubles. Our care kit provides just-in-time relief when you, your pet, and your vet need it most. Registering your kit keeps your vet in the loop. Find Diarrhea Care Kits in a Target near you!

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  • Use at first sign of digestive issues at home or while traveling
  • Convenient option for dogs with history of loose stool, diarrhea, tummy troubles, or more frequent accidents
  • Just-in-time relief when you, your pet, and vet need it most
  • Includes everything you need with vet approved care guide
  • Registration unlocks an exclusive discount, helpful tips, and AutoSharing with your vet


  • Vet Approved Care Guide: simple directions for product usage
  • Probiotic Soft Chews: 12 Probiotic soft chews with live beneficial bacteria for gut support
  • Fiber Soft Chews: 12 high quality psyllium soft chews to support normal bowel function
  • Loose Stool Relief: 4 oz. bottle of oral kaolin liquid to help provide relief of diarrhea
  • Soothing Skin Wash: 2 oz. bottle of aloe & oatmeal shampoo to clean soiled haircoat
  • Oral Dose Syringe: to measure & give kaolin liquid by mouth
  • Cleansing Wipes: 12 packets of moist cleansing wipes to clean hind end & paws
  • Durable Re-usable Case: measuring 7in x 6in x 3.5in – perfect for storage or traveling


Scan the QR code in the Care Kit Guide or register here for the following:

  • Exclusive Discount – on your next MySimplePetLab Test & Care purchase
  • Helpful Tips – more vet approved home care tips to help dogs with diarrhea
  • Keep your Vet in the Loop – email sent to your vet summarizing the care kit products you are using for your dog's diarrhea, and how you are taking fast action right away


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Register Your Kit


With An Exclusive Discount On Your Next MySimplePetLab Test & Care Purchase.


Vet Approved Helpful Tips To Help Dogs With Diarrhea.


Keep Your Vet In The Loop With An Email Sent To Your Vet Summarizing The Care Kit Products Being Used.


  • Use At First Sign of Digestive Issues At Home Or When You Travel
  • Convenient Option For Dogs With History Of Loose Stool, Diarrhea And Tummy Troubles
  • Just-in-time Relief When You, Your Pet, And Your Vet Need It Most
  • Includes Everything You Need With Vet Approved Care Guide
  • Registration Unlocks An Exclusive Discount, Helpful Tips, And AutoSharing With Your Vet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Diarrhea kit

It’s a great kit to have handy specially with a new pup that likes to get into everything. Also for emergencies to have kit at home I am sure it would come in handy.

Good quality kit

This is a really nice kit that contains everything that I may need. My little one gets diarrhea at least once a year. I have never tried the liquid kaolin and I hope that speed up the healing process a little. This also has very nice packaging so I can just keep it in the cupboard for quick access when needed.

Ready for summer!

Every year, our dog Mac ends up with diarrhea. The kit and thorough instructions are great! We will be well prepared this time, or maybe even avoid it, with the probiotic and fiber soft chews that promote normal digestion and healthy bowel function. During kit registration, I skipped the vet notification for now, but love the detailed email template that is provided including the contents of the kit that we may be using. Overall, this kit seems like a great value complete with easy to follow instructions so we can feel comfortable treating Mac at home!

Great kit!

My dog is a counter surfer and can often get into things he shouldn’t. I have not had to use my kit yet but I do have some peace of mind knowing I have it ready for the next time he has some tummy trouble. I was happy to see how many different items for diarrhea relief and care were in the kit. I won’t have to make any emergency trips to the store next time he’s having issues because it’s all right there in our kit!

Excellent peace of mind in a kit

Just received my kit. Thankfully I haven’t had to use it yet, but it is so comforting knowing I have it on hand for my dogs! One has a sensitive stomach and it is nice to know I can provide him comfort if it is outside of business hours of my regular vet office. This has a great variety of helpful products to help his symptoms and comfort. Definitely plan to make sure we have this kit on hand when we travel!

Great holistic kit!

I love that this kit tackled a few different areas related to diarrhea including probiotics, skin irritations, loose stool, and fiber. My dog loves the taste of the fiber and probiotics - and he is very picky! The cleansing wipes seemed to immediately relieve an itch he was having on his face. I like that I am able to connect the kit directly to my vet as well to help quicker determine if loose stool is a concerning issue or not. My dog has a lot of variation in his stool and this kit makes me feel like I have the tools to be prepared for it! I also love that it comes in such a cute/fun hard cover zipper case. Looks exactly like the product pictures!