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First Aid Care Dog Kit

Use for Fast First Aid Relief

First Aid Care Dog Kit

Stay on top of your pet’s first aid. Use at first sign of wounds, cuts or minor injuries. Our care kit provides just-in-time relief when you, your pet, and your vet need it most. Registering your kit keeps your vet in the loop.

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  • Use at first sign of wounds, cuts or minor injuries at home or when you travel
  • Convenient for dogs who play hard and are bound to get injured
  • Just-in-time relief when you, your pet, and your vet need it most
  • Includes everything you need with vet approved care guide
  • Registration unlocks an exclusive discount, helpful tips, and AutoSharing with vet


  • Vet Approved Care Guide: simple directions for product usage
  • Bleed Stop: 0.5 ferric subsulfate topical styptic powder to help stop bleeding
  • Wound Cleanse: 4 oz. bottle of topical antiseptic spray with benzalkonium chloride to clean and kill germs in minor cuts and scratches
  • Wound Shield: 4 oz. bottle of topical spray with tetrasodium EDTA to help seal and protect minor skin cuts and scrapes
  • Antihistamines: 10 diphenhydramine HCL 25 mg oral tabs for calming
  • Antiseptic Wipes: 10 packets of moist wipes to clean & disinfect injured skin or paws
  • Antibiotic Ointments: 10 triple antibiotic ointment packets to aid healing of skin infections
  • Gauze Pads & Wrap: Non-stick gauze pads to cover surface wounds and 1 roll of self-adhering elastic wrap to hold bandage in place without sticking to fur or skin
  • Instant Cold Pack: Single-use instant ice pack/cold compress for bumps, bruises, insect bites, swelling, or minor burns
  • Tweezer & Thermometer: 1 tweezer to assist tick removal and 1 rectal digital thermometer to detect fevers (>102.5 F)
  • Durable Reusable Case: measuring 7in x 6in x 3.5in perfect for storage or traveling


Scan the QR code in the Care Kit Guide or register here for the following:

  • Exclusive Discount – on your next MySimplePetLab Test & Care purchase
  • Helpful Tips – more vet approved home care tips to help dogs with first aid care
  • Keep your Vet in the Loop – email sent to your vet summarizing the care kit products you are using for your dog's first aid, and how you are taking fast action right away


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Register Your Kit


With An Exclusive Discount On Your Next MySimplePetLab Test & Care Purchase.


Vet Approved Helpful Tips To Help Dogs With First Aid.


Keep Your Vet In The Loop With An Email Sent To Your Vet Summarizing The Care Kit Products Being Used.


  • Use At First Sign Of Wounds, Cuts Or Minor Injuries At Home Or When You Travel
  • Convenient Option For Dogs Who Play Hard And Are Bound To Get Injured
  • Just-In-Time Relief When You, Your Pet, And Your Vet Need It Most
  • Includes Everything You Need With Vet Approved Care Guide
  • Registration Unlocks An Exclusive Discount, Helpful Tips, And AutoSharing With Vet

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Customer Reviews

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Daily Little Bits
Great Kit for Peace of Mind

We live in an area that gets frequent severe weather and this kit is perfect to put in our go bag that we take with us when we go to our safe space. Most dog first aid kits are in a flimsy case but this one is a really nice zippered case and there is room to add more items if we need to. It's the perfect size take it in the car on trips and put it in our backpack when we are out hiking. It has everything we need to be prepared for an emergency situation.

A great kit to keep on hand

What a wonderful kit! I am always putting together random items in my hiking bag and now this kit will keep them all organized and easily at hand. Such a well thought out selection of items. This would make a wonderful gift to any dog owner, especially a welcome home new puppy gift!

First aid kit

I am a Certified Vet Tech and am very active with my dogs both outdoors and across a variety of sports! I am very impressed with not only the quality of the kit and its “ingredients “ but also the ease of portability for traveling! Well worth the money and more importantly it provides peace of mind that I can help my injured pup if the need arises!!!

Keeping my dog safe and my peace of mind even safer!

I absolutely love this first aid kit. I travel with my service dog frequently and when I pack for myself I always bring a little human first aid kit because I over-prepare for everything of course haha. It was making me nervous to think of my dog getting hurt on vacation, far away from our vet. Thankfully I haven't had to use the kit yet, but it makes me feel so relieved that she will be safe in case anything does happen to her. I also love just having it in my house when we're home - things do happen and now I feel prepared! Snugglington was also so happy to see all of the awesome items just for her! The paws on the bandage wrap are a really cute touch too.


Love this Pet First Aid Kit! It comes in a beautiful purple container that keeps everything conveniently stored. It’s easy to travel with. I have everything my dog needs for an emergency- wound cleanser, bleed stop, antiseptic wipes, tweezers and more. I take it on road trips and when he goes to the pet sitter.

The Best Dog First Aid Kit!

This is truly the best first aid kit on the market for your pet. It provides necessary tools and products needed for things a pet owner may not think of such as the bleed stop strips for when you cut your pup’s nail too short (guilty) or the tweezers for a pesky tick from your walk (also guilty), or antiseptic wipes and antibiotic ointment that you know is safe for your pup after they get bit by a horse fly (also guilty). So many uses in this thing, definitely a must have in your home!

best first aid care kit for my pup !!

I'm so glad I found this - very reasonably priced and it gives me such peace of mind to know I'm prepared wherever we go. Of course I'd never want anything to happen to my Otto, but since everything is vet approved I'm confident in the kit and how easy it will be to use. Super excited, would definitely recommend!

Everything I need for my pups!

This product is so helpful. I’ve been thinking about how I need to have a first aid kit for my pups in my home and then y’all came out with this product! I love the packaging and how everything fits in a small pouch. I appreciate the unique items y’all included that other kits didn’t have. You also provided clear directions to follow for each product included. Y’all set the bar high on what should be in a kit like this. Ordering more now, so each of my family members can be prepared in their homes too!