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Routine Stool Dog Test

Simple, Accurate & Fast Stool Testing.

Routine Stool Dog Test

  • Screens for Worms & Giardia
  • Use for Diarrhea & Tummy Troubles, Annual Vet Visit, Boarding Requirements & Preventative Care
  • Results Within One Day Of Lab Arrival
  • Learning Center Support With Next Steps
  • AutoShare Results With Your Vet     
  • PCR Test Upgrade Available Upon Activation, FEC Available if Hookworm Positive
  • FREE Shipping & Return
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How It Works


Online with Test Code


Sample in Test Tubes


From Home for Results


Sent Directly to Your Device

Auto Share

Results Directly To Your Pet Care Providers

What’s Inside

Your kit will include the following:

Instruction Card with Activation Code
Rubber Gloves for Collection
Sample Test Tube
Biohazard Bag for Sample Test Tube Return
Return Envelope to Send Sample to Our Lab
  • Roundworms

  • Hookworms

  • Tapeworms

  • Whipworms

  • Coccidia

  • Giardia

Upgrade Your Test

After activation of your purchased test, you can upgrade to the following screenings to further test your pet’s sample.

Microbes (PCR)

Deeper testing for normal stools, raw fed pets and/or vomiting, diarrhea, or frequent accidents

Fecal Egg Count (FEC)

Deeper testing for counting the number of Hookworm eggs in stool.

Why You Should Test

  • Protects Your Pet & Family From Harmful Parasites
  • Supports Preventative Care & Annual General Wellness
  • Supports Better Pet’s Health In-Between Annual Vet Visits
  • Prevents Major Health Issues From Parasites Not Being Treated
  • Early Detection Helps to Avoid Costly Treatments

Signs You Should Test

Common Signs

Excessive Gas
Blood in Stool
Dark Stool Black or Tar-like
Mucus On or Around Stool
Straining or Constipation
Stool Accidents
Passing Stool More Often
“Rice” or “Spaghetti” in Stool

Less Common Signs

Low Energy
Weight Loss
Dull Coat
Change in Appetite
Pot-bellied Appearance
Licking, Biting Under Tail
Itching & Signs of Skin Irritations

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Perfect First Aid Kit!

The First Aid Kit is amazing! It includes absolutely everything you need to handle minor injuries. We plan to take this with us whenever we head out for an adventure with our dog (road trips, hikes in the woods, etc.) This kit is also a must-have for use at home in case an injury happens.

Dylan C

This test was extremely simple and user friendly. I highly recommend to all my pet owner friends.

Nichole V
So Simple

This test arrived quickly and the instructions were clear and simple! Everything you need is included- even gloves for sample collection. The whole process took about 2 mins from opening the package to collection to sealing it up to mail out. This test really lives up to it's name. We will be sharing with friends for sure.

Saved me a trip to the vet!

This test was shipped quickly and was super easy to use. The instructions were very clear and they even included gloves! Got (luckily negative) results by email the same day it got to the lab. I have recommended the kit to my doggo friends!

David E
Very Easy

Great product, easy use, great company. You can't ask for anything better.

Go Green
Convenient, easy and quick results!

Loved this test! It took me longer to write this review than it did to package up my sweet pup's poo and drop it in the mailbox. Don't let her cool looks deceive you. This pup will eat anything she can find while out for a stroll in the yard. This time was most untimely (really, it's never a good time) as my work schedule was jammed. So, I ordered the test, received it the next day, and sent it off. 2 days later I received her test back. Thankfully, all was good but I really liked having the peace of mind that whatever she was snacking on and would not drop from her mouth did not come with any parasites. Would definitely use this test again if needed!

Deb D
Great, smart and easy to use product!

This is such a smart idea. Product arrived quickly, instructions were clear and easy to follow and results were fast. A very convenient, cost efficient and welcome alternative. Nice to not have to schedule a vet appointment and then drive to/from them with samples.

Joshua W
Great Product! Simple and Effective

Extremely convenient product. Saved me time and money by avoiding a trip to the vet. Easy to follow instructions with quick test results. Always great knowing your pet۪s health and this product makes it easy and affordable. Highly recommend!

Fast and easy to use

My dog has a sensitive stomach and due to recent behavior changes, we wanted to get a fecal test done. This home kit was super fast and really easy to use.