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Skin & Itch Dog Test

Fast Results Within Days

Skin & Itch Dog Test

Stay on top of your pet’s skin health. Use for irritated, itchy or smelly skin, frequent infections, early detection & preventative care. Our tests provide just-in-time fast results when you, your pet, and your vet need it most. Test results are AutoShared with your veterinarian in real time.

Add a Care Kit for fast relief

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Simple, accurate & fast skin cytology

  • Screens for skin mites, yeast, & bacteria
  • Use for irritated, itchy or smelly skin, frequent infections, early detection & preventative care
  • One kit screens two skin areas
  • Results within days
  • Learning Center Support With Next Steps
  • AutoShare results with your vet
  • Free expedited return


Your kit will include the following:

  • Instruction bifold with activation code
  • Rubber gloves for collection
  • Two swab packets (for two skin sites)
  • Biohazard bag for sample submission
  • Return envelope to send samples to our lab


  • Activate online with test code
  • Collect samples in test tubes
  • Mail from home for results
  • Results sent directly to your device
  • AutoShare results directly to your pet care providers


  • Early detection for faster pet relief
  • Easy swab collection is low stress for most pets
  • Saves time at exam when skin test is done beforehand
  • Helps your vet make better treatment choices
  • Use after treatment to check success


  • Irritated skin
  • Irritated skin folds
  • Scratching
  • Smelly skin / paws
  • Chewing / licking at paws
  • Skin discharge
  • Hot spots
  • Scabs on skin
  • Hair thinning / loss


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How It Works


Online with Test Code


Samples in Test Tubes


From Home for Results


Sent Directly to Your Device

Auto Share

Results Directly To Your Pet Care Providers

What’s Inside

Your kit will include the following:

Instruction Bifold with Activation Code
Rubber Gloves for Collection
Two Swab Packets (For Two Skin Sites)
Biohazard Bag for Sample Submission
Return Envelope to Send Samples to Our Lab
  • Mites

  • White Blood Cells

  • Bacteria

  • Red Blood Cells

  • Yeast

  • Skin Cells

Why You Should Test

  • Early Detection for Faster Pet Relief
  • Easy Swab Collection is Low Stress for Most Pets
  • Saves Time at Exam When Skin Test is Done Beforehand
  • Helps Your Vet Make Better Treatment Choices
  • Use After Treatment to Check Success

Signs You Should Test

Irritated Skin
Irritated Skin Folds 
Smelly Skin / Paws
Chewing / Licking at Paws

Skin Discharge
Hot Spots
Scabs on Skin
Hair Thinning / Loss

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    “The instructions were clear. They provided everything in the kit and we were able to get the test done fast. The Skin & Itch Test was a lifesaver as she isn’t too great at the vet so I was excited to do this from home.”

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    “Frequent paw licking at 5am? The test was super easy to use and came with step by step directions. We got results within a few days of sending our swabs back!! My vet looked over the results and luckily we have nothing to worry about.”

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Customer Reviews

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Skin & Itch

I bought this test a few weeks ago due to my golden retriever having irritated and itchy skin. This product came in about two days and it was extremely easy to follow. They listed step by step instructions and provided all necessary tools to complete this test.

The results came back in two days which was amazing! Definitely recommend

Quick, easy and fast results

Absolutely a great experience! East to follow instructions and results came in just days! Highly recommend

Scratching nose and paws

Our dog is periodically scratching and licking. The test was easy to follow and will likely be fast results given experience with other mysimplepetlab tests!