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Skin & Itch Test & Care Dog Bundle

Fast Skin Relief & Results Within Days

Skin & Itch Test & Care Dog Bundle

Use at first sign of irritated, itchy skin & paws. This bundle provides just-in-time support when you, your pet, and your vet need it most. Our test and care bundle allows you to test and get fast relief at home or when you travel. Test results are AutoShared with your veterinarian in real time.
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Simple, accurate and fast skin cytology

  • Screens for skin mites, yeast and bacteria
  • Use for irritated, itchy, or smelly skin
  • Use when you see signs of infection and post treatment
  • One kit screens two skin areas
  • Results within one day of lab arrival
  • Learning Center support with next steps
  • AutoShare results directly with your vet
  • FREE Shipping & expedited return


Use for fast skin relief

  • Use at first sign of skin issues at home or while traveling
  • Convenient option for dogs with history of irritated, itchy skin & paws, and frequent skin infections
  • Just-in-time relief when you, your pet, and your vet need it most
  • Includes everything you need with vet approved care guide
  • Registration unlocks an exclusive discount, helpful tips, and AutoSharing with vet


  • Use at first sign of skin issues
  • Convenient option for dogs with irritated, itchy skin & paws, yeast, bacteria, skin mites and frequent skin infections
  • Provides just-in-time support when you, your pet, and your vet need it most
  • Allows you to test and get fast relief at home or when you travel
  • Test results are AutoShared with your veterinarian in real time
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Skin & Itch Test & Care Dog Bundle Benefits

  • Use At First Sign Of Skin Issues
  • Convenient Option For Dogs With A History Of Irritated, Itchy Skin & Paws, Yeast, Bacteria, Skin Mites And Frequent Skin Infections
  • Provides Just-In-Time Support When You, Your Pet, And Your Vet Need It Most
  • Allows You To Test And Get Fast Relief At Home Or When You Travel
  • Test Results Are AutoShared With Your Veterinarian In Real Time

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So easy!!!

Everything comes in this bundle!! There is step by step (understandable) instructions!! It was so easy! Plus with kit I can help my pup right away. The results were back super fast. I mailed it Thursday and They were back Saturday. The code you scan links everything together and voila, you have an email in no time. The results were sent to my vet so I know she has all she needs to determine if my pup needs to be seen! I will for sure use this again!

cheaper than a vet visit

this is great for issues that are minor or not urgent. The results were very insightful and the skin & itch kit has better quality products than I've seen at pet stores. Going to try the ear one next.


Doing the skin & Itch test was super simple and done in under 2 minutes. Directions are easy to follow and we are excited to get the results of our itchy pug.


The test kit was easy to use and cytology results came back fast. Sent results to my veterinarian, who was able to guide which product from the skin & itch kit was best for my pup. Perfect to have on hand when you can’t get into your vet right away