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A State-Of-The-Art Lab Meets Modern Pet Wellness

Designed by veterinarians for vets, pets and pet parents alike. MySimplePetLab is modernizing routine pet testing for both dogs and cats, allowing you to test both from home and/or from clinic. Test where, when, and how it works best so you can stay on top of your pet's wellness. Test, get results, and begin treatment fast.

Our Lab

Science is at the center of our business. We own and operate our lab so we can deliver credible, evidence-based results to pet parents and their vets. Our commitment to quality and accuracy is the same that you would expect from tests done at your veterinarian. We use the highest quality equipment, processes, and expertise. Our lab is a one-stop shop for trusted, dependable, and accurate pet testing.

MySimplePetLab has been a Veterinary Laboratory Association (VLA) member since 2022 and participates in their VLA Quality Assurance Program (VLA-QAP®). VLA is an independent, nonprofit, international organization that supports test consistency and accuracy between veterinary diagnostic laboratories. VLA promotes good laboratory practices, continuing education, and collaboration of diagnostic leaders.

  • Gold Standard Testing

    We provide simple,
    flexible, and reliable pet testing with our tech-enabled lab platform.

  • Quick Results

    Test results sent to vets, pet parents, and your pet’s entire care team within days.

  • Easy Access to Records

    Access records

    24/7 from

    your computer,

    phone or tablet.

  • Comprehensive Analysis

    Test results you

    and your vet can

    understand sent

    directly to your device.

  • AutoShare Results

    Send results directly

    to your vet, daycare,

    boarding, groomer,

    family and friends.

  • Ear Infection Tests

    An ear swab cytology includes swabs for both ears. This diagnostic test helps veterinarians to select appropriate treatment (typically one or more antibiotics, antifungals, and/or anti-inflammatory medications). This test screens for ear mites and mite eggs, yeast, bacteria, skin and inflammatory (immune) cells.

  • Routine Stool Tests

    Include fecal ova & parasite detection by centrifugation & microscopy screening for roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, whipworms, coccidia, and other intestinal parasites.The stool test can be upgraded to add microbe testing (PCR) for bacteria, viruses, and protozoa and/or fecal egg count (FEC) for hookworm positive dogs.

  • Skin & Itch Test

    Skin swab cytology includes swabs for two skin sites. This diagnostic test helps veterinarians to select appropriate treatment (typically one or more antibiotics, antifungals, and/or anti-inflammatory medications). This test screens for skin mites and mite eggs, yeast, bacteria, skin and inflammatory (immune) cells.

Data & Results

Our comprehensive pet care test results are simple and accessible allowing you to test both from home and/or from clinic and receive results via email within days.

We offer 24/7 online results dashboard that you can access from any device. Your dashboard organizes your pet’s vet accepted test results and guides you on next steps.

You can choose to share your pet’s report with your local or virtual vet for pet-specific advice.


Tens of thousands of tests sold I 100+ reviews

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  • Mia’s Hookworms

    Mia was struggling with lethargy, diarrhea, and dull coat. The MySimplePetLab Routine Stool Dog Test detected she had a hookworm infection. Since hookworms are often resistant to standard treatment, Mia's mom added on a Fecal Egg Count (FEC) test to help determine if her parasite treatment was successful.

  • Otis’ Yeast & Bacteria

    Otis had yellow, smelly discharge in his left ear. The MySimplePetLab Routine Ear Infection Dog Test detected yeast and a large amount of cocci (circle-shaped) bacteria. With these results, Otis's vet was able to prescribe the right medications and get his treatment started quickly.

  • Cooper’s Roundworms

    Cooper is an indoor kitten. As part of his normal wellness care, a MySimpePetLab Routine Stool Test detected he had a minor roundworm infection. Since roundworms can also infect people, this result helped his vet keep Cooper and his human family healthy.

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To reduce in-clinic workload and provide better client experiences, MySimplePetLab uniquely delivers pre-visit and post-visit patient test and care solutions for veterinary practices. We offer just-in-time support when pet parents, pets, and vets need it most.

Our Tests

  • Accessible for pets that can't be seen in-clinic
  • Simple sample collection & submission
  • Evidence-based reporting (test result images)
  • Results AutoShared with vet in real time

Our Care Kits

  • Just-in-time care for common pet concerns
  • Use for pet relief while waiting for vet visit
  • Kits include products & Vet Approved Care Guide
  • AutoShare care product list with vets in real time
  • 100% Recommend!

    “I love the convenience of being able to check stool, for example, without going to the vet. I also find that the results are much more transparent. I have gotten positive results and I can see what they saw under the microscope.”

    cat dog
  • Big Relief!

    “Raw fed pets like Snowball need extra fecal screening due to the added risk for pathogens. Luckily, MySimplePetLab makes it easy to test from home. The results are shared via the pet parent dashboard and can be automatically shared with your vet.”

    cat dog
  • Everything Your Need

    “The instructions were clear. They provided everything in the kit and we were able to get the test done fast. The Skin & Itch Test was a lifesaver as she isn’t too great at the vet so I was excited to do this from home.”

    cat dog
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